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Disa Walker

I began working with Kimberley just over a year ago, I could write a long list of seemingly unrelated health complaints, some more serious and others just annoying, many I had had since childhood and had accepted were just part of the way things would always be. 

I contribute my new found health to Kimberley's comprehensive, professional and caring approach in her work with me. Any of the concerns I had about the cost or time that I may waste exploring the naturopathic approach were quashed after my first visit. Within three days of taking the high quality suppliments, I felt amazing. 


It has been a hugely positive and empowering experience taking control of my health and learning to appreciate and marvel at the healing power of my body. Kimberley has made a big impact on our family's eating habits, every session with her was a lesson that has been passed on to our extended family and friends. Lots of her 'projects' were so easy as she always set little changes for me to try each meeting and was so respectful and supportive of any attempt I made to change anything. This set the tone for me, for a relationship with Kimberley and with myself where I felt I just couldn't fail. 


I have been a very good patient all of my life: learnt about my health, followed advice and have lots of respect for what all health professionals do. What was different about Kimberley's approach was that our first meeting was the first time that any health professional I have been to (I've been to lots) was interested in my health narrative. When things happened and how I felt or experienced my health (or lack of it) mattered to her, sometimes because it gave her diagnostic information but I felt that who I am mattered to her in her treatment of my health. 


It has been very freeing having a family health adviser and personalised advice rather than feeling bombarded by messages from the media about what is 'good' or 'bad' for our health. The most powerful aspect of Kimberley's practice for me was the QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis).

Her record keeping of this information is meticulous and it was obvious that she reviews this information and thinks deeply about what my body was trying to communicate that it needed. Improvements in my health were so measurable and this was very motivating and strengthened my resolve to continue on this journey. 


At first, Kimberley was my interpreter of my body's messages and through working with her I have learnt to understand how to tune into what my body is trying to tell me it needs. One of the things I miss most about being so healthy and happy is that I rarely get to see Kimberley now. Over the year I have made a considerable investment in supplements, at the end of this I can say they were easy the best money I have ever spent and my good health now costs very little. 


Everyone I know asks me what I've done because I look so different and so healthy. I tell everyone about Kimberley and would recommend her as an exceptional health practitioner to anyone.


 - Disa Walker (nee McLean)


Graeme Dixon

I have been treated by  Kimberley for over a year after unsuccessful physiotherapy and acupuncture treatment for a pinched sciatic nerve which had left me in pain and with restricted mobility. Whereas acupuncture gave me up to three to five days relief and  physiotherapy was largely unhelpful, I found that therapeutic massage initially gave up to a weeks and then almost total relief from pain and restored mobility. Kimberley provides a client centered, friendly, and effective therapeutic intervention and would highly recommend them to anyone suffering from the same condition as myself. 


 - Dr Graeme Dixon (PhD) Health Psychologist


Jay Ray

Kimberley Marsh has treated me on and off now for several years. I have been astounded by her skill as a body worker. Kimberley has a deep understanding of the anatomy combined with a sensitive intuition that guides her to areas and techniques specific for the client she works with at the needs of the time. One of the things that impresses me about her work is that it continues to evolve as she grows and that she is always on the quest for greater knowledge and understanding. This is a strong combination. I can honestly say Kimberley is one of the best body workers I have come across.


Jay Ray Psychosynthesis Therapist and Author -

Miranda Parkes

Last year I was experiencing persistent headaches - on and off for months on end. I would wake in the morning with a headache and was not able to treat it with paracetamol. After receiving an indication from my GP that the headaches were likely caused by strained neck muscles from my work as an artist, I sought treatment from Kimberley at Phoenix Clinic.

In a very short time Kimberley expertly treated the source of the problem and the headaches disappeared immediately. It's now been months since I experienced a headache and I'm able to continue with my work, using my hands for fine motor activity daily, without pain or headaches and without worry!

I'm very grateful to Kimberley and would whole - heartedly recommend her expertise for the treatment of headaches.

Miranda Parkes, artist




After decades of limited success in controlling migranes, a friend gave me Kimberley’s name. I found her to have a reassuring and kind manner. To my amazement my migraines are now under control.



Susan Phua

I have been seeing  Kimberley for massage therapy and naturopathic care for several years and would highly recommend her as a practitioner. 
Kimberley provides a holistic approach to increasing overall  well-being. The changes I have made through seeing Kimberley have meant I have increased energy and overall general wellness which has become part of my lifestyle. Kimberley is very in tune with ways to increase overall wellness. She has a non-judgemental approach who will  work alongside you to understand you as a person and your health and wellness goals. It has truly been life changing for me. 
Susan Phua

Tash Columbus

I have been going regularly to Kimberley for over a year.  She has always made me feel at ease together with having a lot of knowledge and is very kind.

I have suffered from bad migraines for many years and have tried various medications and many GP visits, it wasn't until I started coming to Kimberley that they stopped, this has changed my everyday life.

 - Tash Columbus

About Phoenix Clinic

Kimberley MarshIn 2004, Kimberley opened Phoenix Clinic after completing her Diploma in Naturopathy and Remedial Bodywork Therapies.

Also trained in QRA Kinesiology, Kimberley uses a range of naturopathic techniques to determine your unique health needs and prescribe the precise remedy for your healing.


Variety of naturopathic therapies...

  • Herbal medicine
  • Nutrition and diet       
  • QRA Kinesiology
  • Clay therapy
  • Cell salts
  • Diagnostic testing
  • High potency nutritional supplements
  • First Light Flower Essences 
  • Emotional repolarisation technique
  • Massage services